April 2010


Good news and even better news from CaRMS match

We have good news… The Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS) match has been completed, and we have gone up - a small notch - in matching to family medicine nationally – now to 33%.

We also have even better news… There were more positions this year, so the absolute numbers of students choosing family medicine has continued to climb.

I am optimistic this trend will continue. 

The Association of the Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC) has published its Future of Medical Education report. You can review the AFMC report at http://www.afmc.ca/fmec/pdf/collective_vision.pdf

This document has many recommendations that will lead to positive changes in undergraduate medical education and which could support a continued rise in matches to family medicine. 

In my academic role over the years, I have seen many evaluations of family medicine teachers in the community and they are always inspiring.  Without a doubt, it is the positive experiences that students enjoy in family practices across the country that turn them on to family medicine as a career choice. So, with every match, we should be saying thank you. 

You have done a great job again this year. Your dedication to teaching makes a difference, and is hugely appreciated. 

Thank you!


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