CFPC/CGS Award of Distinction in Health Care of the Elderly

Dr Roger Butler, St. John’s, NL, FMF 2016 Vancouver

Supported by the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC)in collaboration with the Canadian Geriatric Society (CGS).

Caring for older patients is an increasingly large part of family medicine practice. As a result, family physicians play a crucial role in the care of seniors; in clinical care with individual patients and with leadership roles within the larger health care system. This award recognizes contributions to quality patient-centered care of Canadian seniors. This includes direct clinical care, educational and academic leadership, research, and advocacy for care of seniors. It recognizes leadership in care of a population that can be clinically challenging and where advocacy is an important part of care and is consistent with the theme of social accountability and equity.

With an aging Canadian population, we believe an award specifically for excellence in family medicine care of the elderly would highlight the joys, challenges, and importance of work with this patient group. The award recognizes Canadian family physicians in active practice, who have made a significant contribution to care of the elderly.  The award recognizes provision of exemplary care to elderly patients but also note the applicant’s impact on care beyond their own practice.  Nominees for this award would be active family physician members of the CFPC but would not need to have received additional training in a Care of the Elderly training program.

This award is a collaboration with the Canadian Geriatrics Society (CGS), a national society dedicated to the care of older Canadians, interested in supporting and promoting the care of seniors, particularly by family physicians, who provide the vast majority of care for seniors.

Nomination Process

Nominations for the CFPC/CGS Award of Distinction in Health Care of the Elderly are invited from CFPC members, Chapters, general practitioners, geriatricians, non-medical colleagues (e.g. any allied health professionals), and patients (including patients’ family members).  

Nominations must reach the CFPC National Office by March 1, 2017, 4pm EST/EDT.

Nominations must be submitted online.

Please note: Application window opens on December, 9th.

A complete nomination must include a focused CV (maximum 5 pages).  Provide evidence of care in the form of descriptive materials, testimonials, and/or other documentation. Your nomination will be evaluated based on the information provided on the following:

  1. Patient Care (family medicine expert, skilled clinician, communicator, patient-centered care)
  2. Citizenship (collaborator, contribution to community/society)
  3. Teaching & Education (undergraduate students, residents, fellows, CME, CPD, public education)
  4. Scholarship (scientific discovery, innovation, Knowledge to Practice)
  5. Leadership & Administration (medical or nonmedical organizations)

Selection Process

The members of the CFPC HCOE Program will collaborate with members of the CGS to recommend the recipient of this award to the national Honours and Awards Committee.

Nominees will be notified of results by email in July.

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