Ethical Review & Guidelines

To ensure that the focus of MAINPRO® (Maintenance of Proficiency)-accredited CME/CPD remains on addressing the educational needs of family physicians – and not on ancillary benefits such as meals, entertainment, and monetary rewards - the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) has instituted a formal ethical review process for all Mainpro-M1 accredited programs (excluding online programs).

Continuing professional development (CPD) is an essential component of maintaining proficiency for family physicians. The CFPC recognizes there are many costs associated with planning, development, and implementation of educational events and programs. The CFPC and its local Chapters believe it is ethically acceptable for industry (pharmaceutical, biomedical, etc) to contribute to continuing medical education (CME)/CPD events provided all contributions are at “arm's length” and that all parties adhere to the guidelines presented in "A Guide to Mainpro Accreditation."

Ethical review ensures compliance of the following with CFPC accreditation standards and guidelines for ethical conduct as outlined by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) Guidelines for Physicians in Interaction with Industry (2007) and the Rx&D Code of Ethical Practices (2012):

  • Promotional materials, invitations and correspondence with potential attendees, and all other published announcements
  • Publicity in print or electronic media (including websites, blogs, etc.)
  • Session location or venue, meals, and entertainment or social events
  • Costs to be assumed by attendees (eg, registration and social events)

After receiving notification from the CFPC of program approval, but before you offer a Mainpro-M1 approved program to physicians, you must submit to the pertinent Chapter office(s):

  1. A completed ethical review form;
  2. A copy of your program invitation and promotional materials;
  3. The ethical review administrative fee

If you submitted your program to the CFPC for review using QuickConnect, you must apply for ethical review using QuickConnect. If you applied using the paper-based submission form, you must use the paper-based ethical review form to complete this step (see below).

Please allow at least five business days for the ethical review process.

Establishing limits on meal expenses related to Mainpro-accredited events

The College’s National Committee on Continuing Professional Development (NCCPD) has had significant discussion around the topic of maximum allowable costs for meals associated with Mainpro-accredited sessions. As a result of this discussion, the CPD Department contacted each Chapter Office to determine if and what maximums they enforce with respect to program accreditation.

Ethical Review Forms

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