Fellowship in The College of Family Physicians of Canada

CFPC Convocation Ceremony

The CFPC awards the Fellowship Designation (FCFP) to CFPC certificants who distinguish themselves through outstanding contribution to their communities, their colleagues, and the discipline of Family Medicine. The Fellowship journey starts with Certification and incorporates the lifelong learning process. Fellowship is considered a value of membership and will be bestowed for life as long as the member remains in good standing with the College.
Fellows demonstrate commitment to achieving and maintaining excellence across the broad range of competencies that characterize excellent family physicians, and adherence to the Four Principles of Family Medicine. They are actively engaged with their practice, their community, their colleagues, and their profession.   They contribute to the knowledge base of Family Medicine through research, teaching, and/or consistently excellent application. 

Eligibility for Fellowship

1. Active CFPC member in good standing, holding the CCFP designation for at least 10 years
2. Demonstration of  continuing commitment to at least 4 of the 7 CanMEDS-FM roles
3. Demonstration of significant contributions to/through Family Medicine

Application Process

A nomination can be made by self, peer(s), university department, CFPC Chapter, CFPC National office, community official/leader, and/or other member of the community or another professional organization. Patients will not be involved in the nomination process.


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