Family Medicine Resident Award for the Study of Communities Impacted by Health Disparities

Supported by the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine of the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

The Family Medicine Resident Award for the Study of Communities Impacted by Health Disparities recognizes exceptional resident-led, community-based research that focuses on the prevalence of health disparities that are found in either remote rural Canadian communities or underserved outer city areas outside of the urban city inner core. Residents of these areas are faced with onerous challenges ranging from: low income, limited access to family medicine clinics, low government or employer benefits, and public transit challenges making it difficult to obtain the necessary health care and social services.

The research should focus on communities currently underfunded in terms of scientific research; either remote areas or outer city areas, which akin to their inner city counterparts, are afflicted by the same socio-economical disadvantages and challenges in accessing quality health care but no real concerted efforts have been made to relieve the economical and social disparities of these communities because they have not yet been deemed critical areas of interest.

Research may focus on rural communities where residents face difficulty in accessing health care due to their isolated geographic location and lack of nearby medical facilities. Research may also address low-income outer city communities in urban centres, where although their geographic location is in proximity to an urban city centre, they are lacking in accessible public transportation, social services and medical clinics. The research should clearly define the health care challenges that these communities face, and the key factors that prevent these communities from receiving the same standards of health care as their urban counterparts.

Nomination Process

Candidates for this award can be nominated or self-nominated. This Award recognizes completed research that has produced rigorous evidence related to the health disparities prevalent in Canada’s outer city and rural communities as a first step towards the development of applicable strategies to reduce such prevailing health care disparities.

The recipients will be notified of results in July.


Nominations must be submitted online.
The deadline is March 1, 2017, 4pm EST/EDT.
Application window opens on December 9, 2016.

Please note:
As part of the application process, posters and Powerpoint submissions will not be accepted.

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