Family Medicine Resident Leadership Awards

FMF 2014 Québec

Supported by the Research and Education Foundation of the College of Family Physicians of Canada and by Scotiabank.

These awards recognize the leadership abilities of outstanding senior family medicine residents from each of the 17 Canadian family medicine residency programs.

Award recipients will be invited to attend Family Medicine Forum (FMF) 2015 in Toronto, November 12-14, 2015, and to participate in the Medical Student and Family Medicine Resident Leadership Workshop, as well as other special events for students and residents at FMF.  

All nominations submitted for the Family Medicine Leadership Award will be forwarded to the Section of Teachers Executive for the selection of the Murray Stalker Award, which focuses on the leadership, academic, research, and communication skills of senior family medicine residents.

Selection/Nomination Process

A selection committee comprised of residents (R1) and faculty representatives from each family medicine residency program is asked to identify their nominees for a Family Medicine Resident Leadership Award. Information will be sent to the postgraduate directors in order for them to complete this process.

A maximum of two letters of support from faculty members addressing the nominee’s skills as a leader and orator must be included. These letters of support are an important component in the selection process and should include sufficient information on your candidate’s leadership skills to support the nomination.


Nominations must be submitted online. The deadline is June 12, 2015 The Honours and Awards Committee will approve the nominations for these awards and inform the recipients in July 2015.   

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