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Imagine the possibilities - Did you know that more than 200 awards, grants and scholarships in family medicine were awarded by the Research and Education Foundation (REF) last year? Donations to the REF support research and continuing education initiatives of family physicians, clinicians, researchers, teachers, medical students, and family medicine residents.

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The Research and Education Foundation (REF) of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) provides funding to support teachers, researchers and practitioners of family medicine in the development and dissemination of new knowledge and skills, in order to improve the quality of comprehensive, patient-centred, community-based health care for all Canadians.

Learn more about our endowment funds and the awards they support, below.

Jean-Pierre Despins Endowment Fund 
This endowment fund is named in memory of the late Dr. Jean-Pierre Despins, CFPC president (1995-1996) and chair of the CFPC board of the REF (1999-2000). It supports the Jean-Pierre Despins Award, which is presented annually to a CFPC family physician member who has been an outstanding advocate and public spokesperson for family medicine and/or family physicians and their patients.

Nominated individuals are known for presenting family practice issues to the public and/or other audiences, and have demonstrated many of the qualities which defined and were greatly valued by Dr. Despins including: statesmanship, leadership, diplomacy, courage of conviction, sense of humour, compassion and consideration of others.

Hollister King Endowment Fund 
Named in memory of the late Dr. Hollister King, CFPC president (1977-1978) and family physician chief of Women’s College Hospital in Toronto, who had a life-long interest in rural family practice, this endowment fund supports the Hollister King Rural Family Practice Scholarship. The award is presented to a practicing family doctor (CFPC member) to support his/her participation in a continuing medical education/continuing professional development (CME/CPD) program relevant to rural family practice.

Ian McWhinney Endowment Fund  
Named in honour of Dr. Ian McWhinney, the first professor and chair of a Canadian University Department of Family Medicine, (University of Western Ontario, 1968-1987), this endowment fund is presented to an outstanding family medicine teacher deemed by his/her peers to have made a significant contribution to family medicine education.

This endowment fund supports the Ian McWhinney Family Medicine Education Award and is presented at Family Medicine Forum during which time the recipient leads a designated educational activity. 

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