Fundraising Priorities and Programs Supported

The Research and Education Foundation (REF) funds hundreds of awards, grants, and scholarships to family physicians, medical students, and residents to support their learning, continuing education initiatives, and research in family medicine.  Awards recognize the care and commitment of those in or considering the family medicine discipline to provide the best patient care to communities across Canada.  The REF also funds projects advancing the discipline of family medicine within the CFPC.

Support family medicine for a healthy Canada!

Fundraising Priorities

  • General fund (supports the area of greatest need)
    Supports the highest priorities of the College of Family Physicians of Canada.
  • Medical Student Scholarship Fund
    Recognizes outstanding medical students in their second-last year of undergraduate study who have demonstrated an interest or commitment to a career in family medicine. One medical student from each of the 17 Canadian medical schools is selected.  
  • Family medicine advocacy (Jean Pierre Despins Endowment Fund)
    Recognizes a CFPC family physician member who is an outstanding advocate and public spokesperson for family medicine, family physicians, and patients. 
  • Teaching and research in youth mental health and addiction (Daniel Glazier Award) Supports family physicians in active practice in research, education, knowledge translation, and skills acquisition in the area of adolescent mental health and substance abuse.  
  • Promoting family medicine (Calvin L. Gutkin Family Medicine Ambassador Award) Recognizes a dynamic leader in Canadian family medicine distinguished for his or /her vision, innovation, and relationship-building with organizations that support and positively influence the ever-changing role of the family physician. 
  • Care of the disabled (Bruce Halliday Award)
    Recognizes the achievements of a CFPC family physician member who is making an exceptional contribution to the welfare of the disabled in his or her community through practice, teaching, research, or advocacy.  
  • Family medicine in rural communities (Hollister King Endowment Fund)
    Supports family physicians in active practice to carry out continuing professional development (CPD) or continuing medical education (CME) activities related to meeting the changing needs of their patients and communities within Canada.  
  • Innovation in family medicine education (Ian McWhinney Endowment Fund)Recognizes an outstanding family medicine teacher of family medicine deemed by his or her peers to have made a unique and innovative contribution that has had a significant national impact on the development of family medicine education in Canada. 
  • Outstanding contributions in teaching, research, and leadership (Donald I. Rice Award)
    Recognizes an outstanding CFPC family physician member who has contributed to teaching, vision, and leadership in the discipline of family medicine. 
  • Team Williams Family Medicine Innovation Grant
    Supports a family physician or family medicine resident who has an innovative medical IT project in family medicine.  
  • Indigenous Medical Student Scholarship
    Recognizes a top First Nations, Metis or Inuit medical student in Canada who has shown an interest in or commitment to a career in family medicine. Indigenous medical students in the second last year of study are eligible to apply.
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