Honorary Membership

Dr Howard Chodos, Ottawa, FMF 2016 Vancouver (top), Dr David Goldbloom, Toronto, FMF 2016 Vancouver (bottom)

This award is supported by the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine of the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

Honorary Membership may be conferred upon individuals who are not family physicians in Canada. This honour recognizes physicians or members of the public who have made outstanding contributions to the CFPC, the discipline of family medicine, the medical profession, or the health and well-being of the population in Canada and globally.

Recipients will be presented with Honorary Membership at the CFPC’s Convocation held during Family Medicine Forum (FMF) 2017 in Montréal, November 8-11.

Recipients conferred Honorary Membership in the CFPC will be able to append the designation MCFP (Hon.) (Member of the College of Family Physicians – Honorary) following the Convocation Ceremony.

Nomination & Selection Process

The CFPC Executive Committee will identify the recipients of this award. Nominees will be formally notified of results in July.

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