Janus CPD Grants

Supported by the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine of the College of Family Physicians of Canada and by AMS and Scotiabank.

Janus Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Grants support academic and community-based family physician CFPC members who are in active practice to carry out CPD or continuing medical education (CME) activities related to meeting the changing needs of their patients and communities within Canada. These grants are intended to support programs based on the four principles of family medicine:

  • The family physician must be a skilled clinician.
  • The doctor-patient relationship is central to the role of the family physician.
  • Family medicine is a community-based discipline.*
  • The family physician is a resource to a defined practice population.*

*Of particular importance to the Janus Project.

A variety of CPD/CME activities are eligible for these grants; for example:

  • Clinical traineeships
  • Diploma or certificate programs
  • Graduate studies
  • Training aimed at improving development, delivery, or facilitation of CPD/CME programs for family physicians
  • Faculty development initiatives:  any activity designed to deliver a teaching session to residents and/or medical students


Applications must reach the CFPC National Office by February 1, 2017, 4pm EST/EDT.

Applications must be submitted online.

Please note: Application window opens on December, 9th.

Selection Process

The CFPC National Committee on Continuing Professional Development and the Section of Teachers’ selection committee will recommend the recipients of these grants to the national Honours and Awards Committee. Applicants will be notified of results in July.


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