What Is… MAINPRO®?

Maintenance of Proficiency (Mainpro) is a College program that facilitates and guides continuing professional development (CPD) for family physicians in Canada. It ensures that all participants keep their knowledge and skills up to date. A rigorous accreditation system ensures that accredited programs are of the highest quality. Each credit reported is validated by CPD staff, upholding the high standards of accreditation. Members of the CFPC are required to demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning through Mainpro for maintenance of certification and, in many provinces, for licensure.

Highlights of the Mainpro program include the following:

  • Sets standards for CPD for CFPC members for maintenance of certification and special designations
  • Is recognized by many medical regulatory authorities in Canada
  • Is open to non-members through the Non-member Mainpro Participant program
  • Offers convenient reporting, tracking, validation, and monitoring of credits and CPD events
  • Ensures high-quality, ethical CPD programming through a peer-reviewed, accreditation process

CFPC members are assigned a five-year Mainpro cycle, during which they must complete a minimum of 250 Mainpro credits in order to maintain CFPC membership or special designations. Honorary, non-physician, resident, student, and retired member classifications are exempt from participation in Mainpro; however, resident members are encouraged to participate in preparation for active practice.

Mainpro credit requirements are broken down into three categories. 


At least 125 credits


At least 125 credits


Up to 125 credits

Total credits

At least 250 credits

Mainpro-C refers to CFPC-accredited programs or self-directed learning activities that are interactive and include a self-reflective component, encouraging you to reflect on what you’ve learned and to devise strategies for incorporating the newly acquired knowledge into everyday practice.

Mainpro-M1 includes structured, accredited learning programs, events, or activities that enhance knowledge and skills relevant to family medicine.

Mainpro-M2 credits are awarded at a rate of one credit/hour of participation for self-directed or non CFPC-accredited activities such as journal reading.

While participants need only submit proof of participation for Mainpro-C credits, proof of participation for all Mainpro activities must be retained for a minimum of six years.

By submitting your credits online, the Mainpro program allows you to easily track your credits.

For more information on the Mainpro program, please visit the web page.

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