How MAINPRO® Works

When you join the CFPC as a member, complete the family medicine certification examination or register as a non-member MAINPRO® participant, you will be assigned a five-year Mainpro cycle. During each Mainpro cycle, you must complete and report a minimum of 250 Mainpro credits to maintain your CFPC membership and/or special designations. The exact distribution of credits is dependent upon membership type and designations held (see below). 

CFPC Mainpro Credit

To fulfill your Mainpro
requirements, you must
submit a minimum of 250
credits in each five-year CPD cycle.

Mainpro-M1 and/or Mainpro-CAt least 125 of the 250 credits must be Mainpro-M1 and/or Mainpro-C*
Mainpro-M2Up to 125 of the 250 credits may be Mainpro-M2 credits

*All Mainpro participants will be required to earn and report a minimum of 25 credits per year during their five-year cycle. The annual minimum may be comprised of any combination of Mainpro-M1, Mainpro-M2, and/or Mainpro-C credits; A minimum of 250 credits are still required within the five year cycle; and

*If you were awarded Fellowship (FCFP) in 2004 or later, or if you wish to earn Fellowship in the College, you must report a minimum of 25 Mainpro-C credits in each five-year Mainpro cycle.

All full- and part-time practicing members are required to participate in Mainpro. The classes of membership to which this applies are:

*Affiliate, Sustaining and Out-of-Country members: get more information on Mainpro requirements

The following classes of membership are exempt from Mainpro participation:

  • Honorary, Non-Physician, Resident, Student, and Retired


If you have any questions, please contact CPD staff at [email protected] or 1-800-387-6197 ext 560.

What types of CPD activities are eligible for Mainpro credits?

By clicking on the links provided below you can learn more about Mainpro credit categories and eligible activities.  

CFPC Mainpro® Credit Categories

Mainpro C    Mainpro-C credits are earned when you participate in CFPC accredited programs that include a demonstrated self-reflective component. Eligible activities will include opportunities to reflect on what you have learned and how you might best incorporate newly acquired knowledge and/or skills into your practice. Learn more about Mainpro-C eligible activities.

Mainpro-M1 credits are earned when you participate in structured learning programs, events or activities that focus on enhancing knowledge and skills relevant to the practice of family medicine.

A variety of activities are eligible for Mainpro-M1 credits, including CFPC-accredited conferences and workshops, faculty development activities, contributions to the medical community and more.
Learn more about Mainpro-M1 eligible activities.
Mainpro-M2Mainpro-M2 credits are earned when you participate in self-directed and/or non-CFPC-accredited learning activities. Mainpro-M2 eligible activities include teaching, journal reading and more.Learn more about Mainpro-M2 eligible activities.
Do I need to retain and/or submit to the CFPC evidence of completing CME/CPD activities (e.g. certificates)?

Yes! You are required to retain proof of participation (certificates of completion, diplomas, letters of attendance, etc.) for a minimum of six years. Individuals participating in Mainpro may be randomly selected to participate in credit validation at any point in their current cycle or asked to submit proof of CPD for their most recently completed Mainpro cycle

While you do not need to submit proof of participation to the CFPC for Mainpro-M1 and Mainpro-M2 activities, the CFPC does require that you submit proof of participation for all Mainpro-C eligible activities; without proof of participation, Mainpro-C credits will appear on your transcript/file as "pending". 

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