Today's Family Medicine News Highlights

July 19 2018

Globe and Mail

UN reports that rates of new HIV infections threaten to offset progress made in fight against global AIDS epidemic 

Global News

Call to ban gay conversion therapy coming to Nova Scotia in the fall session

Parent urges extra care when reading packaged food ingredients when looking for allergy-inducing items

CTV News

Abortion pill costs covered in Newfoundland and Labrador starting in September

Health warning issued on Vancouver Island as death cap mushrooms appear earlier than usual

CBC News

People around the world need to adapt to new normal of increased temperatures

Research indicates that young people focussing on one sport are at greater risk of injury

Toronto Star

Number of deaths attributed to heat wave in Quebec continues to rise

Nova Scotia Health Authority looks for answers regarding increased number of new HIV diagnoses

Chronicle Herald

Opinion: More women die from heart disease because most studies are still conducted on men

Vancouver Sun

Opinion: Time to focus on treatments and recovery, not harm reduction, in British Columbia’s opioid crisis

Star Phoenix

Saskatchewan government provides individualized funding to families with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder

Healthy Debate

Is it time to revisit consent models for physicians’ patients participating in clinical trials?

Hill Times

Opinion: Federal anti-poverty strategy will be a good first step but has a long road ahead

La Presse

Étude sur la crise du verglas et le stress des femmes enceintes : Absence de données d’Hydro-Québec

Bilan de la situation aux urgences : Un peu moins d’attente mais stress chez le personnel

Le Journal de Montréal

Décriminalisation des drogues : Montréal devrait-elle suivre l’exemple de Toronto?

Ici Radio-Canada

Les dangers des crèmes solaires fabriquées soi-même

L’endométriose : Explications d’une gynécologue

La canicule du début de juillet a fait 53 victimes à Montréal seulement 

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