Pearls for Residents

The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) developed Pearls™ as a continuing professional development (CPD) activity for practising family physicians. It is a self-directed, evidence-based practice reflection exercise designed to enhance the introduction of new knowledge into practice. Pearls for Residents is an enhanced version of Pearls. It includes more comprehensive background information and takes residents through a series of five exercises geared to different kinds of published articles.

There are five Pearls exercises that make up Pearls for Residents. Residents proceed through a series of questions and articles of different types as follows:

Year 1 — Patient-based questions

Exercise 1 - A clinical question about therapy for which the answer is sought using a primary research article (the original research study). 

Exercise 2 - A clinical question about a diagnostic test using a primary research article. 

Exercise 3 - A clinical question about prognosis or harm using a primary research article. 

Year 2 — Practice-based questions

Exercise 4 - A clinical question using an overview article (including overviews, systemic reviews and meta analyses). 

Exercise 5 - A clinical question using a clinical practice guideline. 

For each exercise, the resident gives the completed Pearls submission form with the appropriate worksheet to his/her clinical supervisor for discussion and feedback. The use of a clinical supervisor as a facilitator is strongly encouraged.

The CFPC welcomes comments on any aspect or component of Pearls for Residents.

Download PDF versions of the following Pearls for Residents items:

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