President's Message

Guillaume Charbonneau, MD, CCFP, FCFP

Best wishes and New Year’s resolutions for family medicine

At the beginning of another new year, we all find ourselves wishing each other the best and trying to make good resolutions. We wish everyone good health, and we often resolve to eat better and exercise more.

But what should our wishes and resolutions be for family medicine? Here are my suggestions.

Our wishes:

  • That the roles of family physicians be well understood and recognized according to their true value

Let’s be proud of being family physicians. Let’s make sure we meet our social mandate and are not afraid to request the support we need for our practices as well as competitive compensation compared with other specialties.

Our resolutions:

  • Improve access to care within our communities by practising in teams with other health care professionals, in accordance with the Patient’s Medical Home model
  • Adapt our practices to the needs of our communities, thus offering better services to all by ensuring that we meet our primary mandate of providing access to a family physician for every Canadian
  • Prescribe opioids judiciously to relieve pain in patients in need while also minimizing the risk of dependency, abuse, and diversion
  • Formulate plans for continuing professional development and participate in training that results in real change within our practices
  • Gain better control over our practices and practice guidelines that dictate expectations for our specialty
  • Find better ways to evaluate the quality of services we provide to our patients
  • Strike a balance in our lives to protect our own mental health; the Canadian population needs healthy family physicians to manage patient health

Am I making the classic error of taking on too many resolutions? Is this the perfect recipe for failure?

As it happens, our specialty is a large family. Together we can share the load to succeed at realizing these wishes and achieving these resolutions.

Guillaume Charbonneau, MD, CCFP, FCFP

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