President's Message

David White, MD, CCFP, FCFP, President

Innovation essential to strengthening family medicine

The Collège québécois des médecins de famille (CQMF) hosted its first-ever Symposium sur les innovations on May 24th in Montreal. In the words of the creators of this event, it was “designed to equip frontline teams to help transform care by catalyzing the adoption of innovations.” The one-day symposium brought together innovators, facilitators, and decision makers from a variety of organizations and family medicine programs.

The innovators’ presentations were focused, engaging, and accessible—even for me, with my rudimentary French! Ideas were evaluated using a Dragons’ Den approach. The format stimulated an eager exchange of ideas that will undoubtedly lead to the scaling up and spread of quality-improving innovations among family medicine teams.

The inaugural symposium was a success and it deserves to be replicated in settings across the country. Bringing something novel to fruition always involves creativity, dedication, and hard work from many people, but everyone involved credited outgoing CQMF President Maxine Dumas-Pilon with conceptualizing and driving the event.

Five days later, the College of Family Physicians of Canada hosted its second Annual Forum, a two-day colloquium that brings together family medicine leaders from all parts of Canada and all stages of practice.

Discussion topics included the College’s new strategic plan that will guide the next five years, a look at progress in implementing the Triple C Competency-Based Curriculum, proposals for a Family Medicine Responsibility Profile, the evolution of the Patient’s Medical Home, personal learning plans, and building capacity in practices to engage in research and quality improvement. Patient, student, and resident representatives contributed important and meaningful insights in these discussions.

The Annual Forum is an innovation designed to complement the benefits of a smaller, skills-based Board with the need to engage a broad range of family physicians who represent all our constituencies across the country. For all of us on the Board, it is extraordinarily valuable to hear the wisdom of our colleagues, who shared information generously and debated points passionately. With this support, we do our best to fulfill our mission to guide our College and support you, our members.

David White, MD, CCFP, FCFP

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