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Family medicine around the world: overview by region (Résumé en français)

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Définir le fondement probatoire de la médecine familiale dans le contexte mondial

Vers une definition mondiale de la médecine familiale

Récits narratifs en médecine familiale : une perspective mondiale

Lessons learned in global family medicine education from a Besrour Centre capacity-building workshop (En anglais seulement)

Achieving competencies in family medicine through continuing professional development (En anglais seulement)

A Comprehensive Assessment of Family Physicians Gender and Quality of Care (En anglais seulement)


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Minding the Gap: Factors Associated With Primary Care Coordination of Adults in 11 Countries. Ann Fam Med 2017;15(2):113-119. (En anglais seulement)

Faculty development in family medicine education: what is needed? (En anglais seulement)

Policy Bite – Professor Katherine Rouleau
Written by Professor Katherine Rouleau of the Besrour Centre of the College of Family Physicians of Canada.
The Government of Canada has recently undertaken a public review and consultation to renew Canada’s international assistance policy and funding framework. The Besrour Centre submitted a response which highlighted the strengthening of global family medicine and primary care as a key element of Canada’s international development policy, and as a key pathway to health equity.” (En anglais seulement)

Association between continuity of care in general practice and hospital admissions for ambulatory care sensitive conditions: cross sectional study of routinely collected, person level data (En anglais seulement)

La médecine de famille et la médecine communautaire: une médecine d’avenir


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