Rural practice.

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Associations and Organizations

Alberta Rural Physician Action Plan
Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine
British Columbia:  Centre for Rural Health Research
Canadian Rural Health Research Society
Centre for Rural and Northern Health Research CRaNHR
Manitoba's Office of Rural and Northern Health
National Rural Health Alliance (Australia)
National Rural Health Association (US)
Rural and Regional Health University of Alberta
Rural Health Research Gateway
Rural Ontario Medical Program
Rural Policy Research Institute RUPRI (US)
Section on Rural Practice Ontario Medical Assocation
Society of Rural Physicians of Canada

Reports and Documents

Admission of rural origin students to medical school - recommended strategies. The Society of Rural Physicians of Canada; 2004 May. PDF

The factors affecting the supply of health services and medical professionals in rural areas. Canberra: (Australian) Senate Community Affairs Committee Secretariat; 2012 Aug.  PDF

Geographic Distribution of Physicians in Canada: Beyond How Many and Where. CIHI. Canadian Institute for Health Information; 2006 Jan. 148 pages.  PDF

How Healthy are Rural Canadians? An Assessment of Their Health Status and Health Determinants.  Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), Centre for Rural and Northern Health Research (CRANHR)- Laurentian University.  Canadian Institute for Health Information; 2006 Sep. PDF

Increasing access to health workers in remote and rural areas through improved retention. Global policy recommendations.  World Health Organization.  2010. 73 pages.  PDF

Joint position paper on training for rural family practitioners in advanced maternity skills and cesarean section. College of Family Physicians of Canada, Society of Rural Physicians of Canada, Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada;  1999 Oct.  PDF

Physicians services in rural and northern Ontario. ICES Investigative Report. Tepper JD, Schultz SE, Rothwell DM, Chan BTB. Institute for Clinical and Evaluative Sciences; 2005. PDF

Policy on quality and effectiveness of rural health care. Women in Rural Practice Working Group. WONCA. World Organization of Family Doctors; 2002.  Full text

Policy on rural practice and rural health. WONCA. World Organization of Family Doctors;  2001.  PDF

Postgraduate education for rural family practice: Vision and recommendations for the new millennium.  A Report of the Working Group on Postgraduate Education for Rural Family Practice; 1999 May. 91 pages. PDF

Rural hospital service closures. Discussion paper. Shawville, QC: Society of Rural Physicians of Canada; 2009.  PDF

Summary of the Proceedings from the "Think Tank on Stabilizing Health Services in Rural Communities".  Ontario College of Family Physicians; 2009.  PDF


Rural Practice


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