Board Nominations

CFPC Board Director nomination process

The Nominating Committee, which oversees the nomination and election process on behalf of the Board, consists of six College members, including at least one Board Director.
The Nominating Committee approaches the vacancies as follows:

  • The President-Elect nominee is typically the current Secretary-Treasurer, provided that the individual holding this position is supported by the Nominating Committee and the Board and is interested in the President-Elect position.

  • The Secretary-Treasurer nominee is recommended by the Nominating Committee from among the Directors-at-Large. The nominee may be at any point in their Director-at-Large term when nominated. If the Nominating Committee does not feel that any of the sitting Directors-at-Large can be recommended for the Secretary-Treasurer position in a given year, a candidate will be sought from among the membership.

    Important factors in this determination include that the Secretary-Treasurer position is essentially a step in the direction of preparing for the role of President. In moving from the previous 40-member Board in 2015 to the current smaller, skills-based Board of 11 members, an important feature in the election process that was retained was the opportunity for succession planning. Individuals ascending to the presidency need time to properly prepare for this responsibility both in terms of acquiring the required knowledge and making arrangements to cover their practice and family responsibilities during the presidential year. Another ongoing consideration is ensuring that the President position is filled by individuals from different jurisdictions. While there is no policy relating to a required rotation, this is something the Nominating Committee considers.

  • The Director-at-Large nominees come from the Nominating Committee’s open Call for Interest to all members. The Call for Interest is circulated by February 1st and welcomes applications from all members while indicating that preference will be given to members meeting particular criteria to ensure a Board with a balance of skills and experience that also reflects the diversity of the profession. The Nominating Committee and the Board review any gaps on the Board annually to inform these priorities/preferences. The Nominating Committee reviews all the applications, conducts interviews with some applicants, and recommends one individual for each vacancy.

The Nominating Committee shares its Board-approved recommendations with members by early September. The Nominating Committee will provide the candidates’ biographies and rationale of how the selected nominees complement the current Board Directors. In addition, the selected nominees will provide self-made videos and a response to the question “What I will bring to the CFPC Board of Directors?” Members will have approximately a month to review the recommended candidates and communicate any feedback to the Nominating Committee.

The Nominating Committee will not alter its recommendations but will take the feedback into account for the next nomination and election process. During this feedback phase we ask members to review the information carefully. If you feel the Nominating Committee’s nominees are not appropriate, there is an opportunity for you to indicate that you wish to be added to the final list of candidates for one of the Director-at-Large vacancies. Members who wish to self-nominate at this stage will be asked to provide the same information that the other nominees provided by a particular deadline: application form, resumé, reference letters from two CFPC members, a self-made candidacy video to share with your member colleagues, a 200-word bio, and a written response to the question “What you will bring to the CFPC Board of Directors?”

If no additional names are submitted during this feedback phase, there will be one nominee for each vacancy and members will be asked to vote electronically to confirm that they support the nominees. If additional names are received, members will vote and the nominees for the Director-at-Large vacancies receiving the most votes will be elected.

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