Board Nominations

2017 Call for Interest: Directors-at-Large

The CFPC Board of Directors has two upcoming vacancies for Directors-at-Large.

This is your chance to influence the composition of the CFPC’s Board of Directors. Perhaps you are interested in serving in a leadership position or you know a colleague who would be great and might just need a bit of encouragement to apply. All applications are welcome, though preference will be given to those who meet the following criteria to ensure a balance of skills, experience, and geographic representation among all Board members. For this election, we are seeking family physicians who:

  • Are community based family physicians (providing the voice of the regular community family physician)
  • Focus their family practice on a particular subset of the population or provide a particular service (providing the voice of family physicians with focused practices; this will help the CFPC reposition opportunities for generalist family physicians and family physicians with focused practices to work together to complement each other and enhance access to care for patients)
  • Practise outside of Central Canada, particularly British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and the territories

The Nominating Committee and Board are committed to ensuring the Board’s composition reflects the diversity of the profession.

If you are interested in being considered for a CFPC Board Director position but don’t fit the descriptions above, we still encourage you to apply. Let us know you’re interested. We endeavour to address our priority “gaps” in representation, but it is not always possible. In addition, the Nominating Committee retains all applications of those who are not successful in a given year and reconnects with the individuals in future years to confirm ongoing interest in being considered for a vacancy. The Nominating Committee is at all times looking for the strongest collective Board in the nominations it makes.

What is required from you to signal your interest in a Board Director position?

If you are interested in applying for a Director position on the CFPC Board of Directors, please provide the Nominating Committee with the following information:

  1. Please click on the following hyperlink and complete the application.
    (View the contents of the application in advance of entering the online form.)

  2. Please submit your resumé (attach it as part of the electronic application).

  3. Please ask two individuals who know you well and who are CFPC members to act as your references. The most useful submission is a personal letter that relates to the questions in the Board Director application. Please request that the letters be submitted to Sarah Scott, Director of Governance and Strategic Planning, at [email protected]

  4. Please send a short note to the Nominating Committee with the following details:

    • Confirmation that you are interested in becoming a Director and have completed the online Application Forum
    • Contact information for your two references (first and last name, email address)
      Please send to [email protected].

What can be expected during this process?

As an applicant you can expect feedback from Sarah Scott regarding the status of your application. The Nominating Committee will review the applications, score them, and develop a short list of applicants to interview. Applicants will be informed of whether they are being nominated for the 2017 election by June 15, 2017.

Interviews will be conducted by videoconference the evening of May 17, 2017, and all day May 18, 2017.

It’s important to note this rigorous process is meant to assist the Nominating Committee in getting to know those who are interested in Board positions and enable the Committee to develop the best slate of candidates possible.

Questions? Please contact Sarah Scott at [email protected].


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