Board Nominations

2017 CFPC Board Officer Candidates

As of September 1, 2017, the Nominating Committee is presenting the Board-approved nominees for all upcoming Board Director vacancies. Please go to Electronic Election.

For the November 2017 election, the Nominating Committee will also nominate the following individuals to the Honorary Secretary-Treasurer position and the President-Elect position:

Honorary Secretary-Treasurer nominee:
Dr Shirley Schipper of Edmonton, Alberta, is a current Director-at-Large. Dr Schipper achieved her CCFP in 2001. She has a breadth and depth of experience and involvement in CFPC activities, including key academic family medicine areas that are core to the CFPC mandate. She has many leadership experiences to draw from and has proven herself to be capable in challenging situations. She is thoughtful, well respected by her peers, and keen to develop her skills continually.
Dr Schipper’s complete bio is available here.

President-Elect nominee:
Dr Paul Sawchuk of Winnipeg, Manitoba, is the current Secretary-Treasurer. Dr Sawchuk achieved his CCFP in 1994. He provides comprehensive care and has practice experience in British Columbia and Manitoba, rural and underserviced populations, inner-city settings and urban/suburban settings, and clinic and hospital practice. He has abundant leadership and governance experience and served as President of the Manitoba College of Family Physicians (2012–2014).
Dr Sawchuk’s complete bio is available here.

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