Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine Board

The Board of Directors governs the operations and activities of the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine of the College of Family Physicians of Canada. It sets policy and establishes direction through strategic planning and ensures financial solvency. It represents the FAMF and its mission to advancing excellence in education, research and innovation in family medicine through philanthropy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who will be asked to support the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine (FAMF)?
The FAMF draws its support from College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) members, non-members with an interest in family medicine, corporations and foundations. In order for the FAMF to be a credible organization when promoting the need for family medicine research and education, CFPC membership support is critical to the FAMF's future success in soliciting funds from outside the College.

How will new awards and grants be decided?
The FAMF is responsible for raising funds. The Honours and Awards (H and A) Committee of the CFPC is the body that has been charged with the responsibility of reviewing and recommending to the CFPC Executive Committee new award and project proposals as well as selecting the award recipients.

Can proposals for new awards or projects be directed to the FAMF?
Proposals for new awards or projects should be directed to the H and A Committee.

How can I make a donation? 
Donations can be made by cash, cheque as well as any major credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express). Cheques should be made payable to the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine.

Donations to the FAMF will be used to fund family medicine research and education projects.

Donations can be further designated into one (or a combination of) the following areas:

Research Activities - Supports family medicine research projects and activities, including The Janus Project – Family Physicians Meeting the Needs of Tomorrow's Society.

Physician Education - Supports undergraduate and postgraduate training and educational opportunities in family medicine through the CFPC Honours and Awards Program.

Practice Management - Supports projects that will improve management techniques in family physicians' offices — especially involving the development of computers in family medicine.

Patient Education - Supports initiatives aimed at raising awareness of our patients so that they may take steps to improve their own health.

General Fund - Supports all of the current projects of the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine and will be applied to the areas of greatest funding need in a given year, including the CFPC's Child Health initiatives.

How will my donation be acknowledged?
Donations to the FAMF will be acknowledged (depending on donor category) by letter, in Canadian Family Physician, in the FAMF donor newsletter, and in the FAMF Annual Report.

Those who wish to make anonymous donations will be respected. 

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