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Stories in family medicine    Welcome! These are our stories about the meaning of being a family physician, and the contributions of family medicine and family physicians to the history of medicine, health care and life in Canada. Supported by AMS and the CFPC Research and Education Foundation.

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Babies Lost

Connolly, Julie; 2010. Things happen for a reason. Events put us in locations and juxtapose us with people and scenes that simply are...


    Beating Autism: The Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs

    Tsikata, Setorme; 2015. Ali, a 35 year old male presented with a 6 week history of anxiety and insomnia. He was the first patient that evening while I covered for a senior colleague in the ER.


      Becoming a doctor

      Lobo, Rebecca; 2012. I was running my first code. It was me, the junior CCU resident, and a man whose heart had stopped beating. Though people…


        Before she flees she remembers to count her blessings

        Loewen, Ann E; 2010. Curiously, a recurrent theme in my life is that I have had to get out of the way of oncoming harm in a hurry. The truths that are revealed...


          Being Present [translation]

          Marchand, Patricia; 2008. It’s a fact: the discipline of medicine is changing before our very eyes. All too often, however, science and research, not human beings, are...


          Best Laid Plans

          Kundi, Anjali; 2014. Brianna is a beautiful baby. At 9 months, she is interested in the world around her, she is happy and her eyes shine. She looks like...


            Between a Rock and a Soft Spot

            Wood, Teresa; 2010. The North is jam-packed with adventure, and more-than-its-fair- share of beautiful, sad and courageous stories. This one began as just another journey to a far corner of our country. There, the impact of...


              Beyond the Bars

              Patrie, Mélanie; 2014. December 5th 2013. The day I lived a childhood dream. The day I visited the North Bay Jail. The jail that I...


                Birth and death

                Feldman, Perle; 2008. It's about Kavannah. Kavannah is a Hebrew word, which is usually translated as "intention", but denotes an intensity and attention to a task, usually...


                  Blessed to see Death

                  Tatham, Barbara; 2015. As I was driving away from the long term care facility after pronouncing an elderly woman dead, to a pub to meet colleagues for celebratory drinks and our staff christmas party, I couldn’t help but be struck by the dichotomy of my day.

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