Respiratory Medicine Program Committee

The objective is to advocate for high quality care in respiratory health and to provide leadership in areas of respiratory education, policy development, best practice guidelines and research addressing the needs of family physicians in this special interest field. We aim to be the trusted voice for family physician perspectives in the prevention and management of patients with respiratory conditions in Canada.

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DISCLAIMER: Editorial comments posted to this web page are those of the Respiratory Medicine Program Committee members and do not necessarily reflect the position or policy of the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

Respiratory Medicine in the News 

Editorial content written by Dr. Alan Kaplan, chair of the Respiratory Medicine SIFP Committee.

April 2015

Twitter may help hospitals predicts spikes in asthma attacks

Editorial: Social media can now predict illness spikes! Pay attention for what will come next!

March 2015

Lung cancer now top killer of women

Editorial: Primary prevention: Stop smoking. Screening: beginning (see previous articles). Treatment: new advances coming. Summary: More common, but more we can do about it.

Health Canada dispatching secret shoppers to test how willing stores are to sell electronic cigarettes to teens

Editorial: More fuel to our E cigarette debate (see upcoming article in the Canadian Family Physician). However, we all agree; these should not be sold to children!

Study: air pollution slows brain development in children

Editorial: Air pollution affects brain development and lung development. Use the Air Quality Health Initiative to check levels in your area. See your area at

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