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The objective is to advocate for high quality care in respiratory health and to provide leadership in areas of respiratory education, policy development, best practice guidelines and research addressing the needs of family physicians in this special interest field. We aim to be the trusted voice for family physician perspectives in the prevention and management of patients with respiratory conditions in Canada.

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Peer-reviewed Respiratory Medicine Articles

Editorial content written by Dr. Alan Kaplan, chair of the Respiratory Medicine SIFP Committee.

DISCLAIMER: Editorial comments posted to this web page are those of the Respiratory Medicine Program Committee members and do not necessarily reflect the position or policy of the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

In the news – spring 2016

Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care guidelines urge lung cancer screening in smokers
Editor’s note: This is still early information. However, keep in mind that chest X-rays do not screen for lung cancer, and the right population should be selected for screening. Come to the session for this topic at FMF in Vancouver this year!

Researchers find that quitting smoking during pregnancy is hard to maintain post-childbirth 
Editor’s note: Disappointing but true. You need to stay on top of motivational interviews. Remember—exposing newborns to cigarette smoke is also associated with negative outcomes.

Alberta researchers develop tool to improve care for children with asthma
Editor’s note: Dr. Cave is a former executive of our committee. Providing an outline of care for pediatric asthma just makes sense. Check out the resources on our website to see how you can improve your care for these patients. 

Researcher leading Nunavut-based study tests new treatment for latent tuberculosis
Editor’s note: While tuberculosis (TB) is not common, drug-resistant TB is getting more common due to failure of treatment strategies and lack of adherence. This sounds like a real breakthrough!

Federal government facing pressure to join global ban on asbestos
Editor’s note: For more information about mesothelioma, check out the (The Mesothelioma Center) website.

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