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The objective is to advocate for high quality care in respiratory health and to provide leadership in areas of respiratory education, policy development, best practice guidelines and research addressing the needs of family physicians in this special interest field. We aim to be the trusted voice for family physician perspectives in the prevention and management of patients with respiratory conditions in Canada.

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DISCLAIMER: Editorial comments posted to this web page are those of the Respiratory Medicine Program Committee members and do not necessarily reflect the position or policy of the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

Respiratory Medicine in the News 

Editorial content written by Dr. Alan Kaplan, chair of the Respiratory Medicine SIFP Committee.

March 2015

Lung cancer now top killer of women

Editorial: Primary prevention: Stop smoking. Screening: beginning (see previous articles). Treatment: new advances coming. Summary: More common, but more we can do about it.

Health Canada dispatching secret shoppers to test how willing stores are to sell electronic cigarettes to teens

Editorial: More fuel to our E cigarette debate (see upcoming article in the Canadian Family Physician). However, we all agree; these should not be sold to children!

Study: air pollution slows brain development in children

Editorial: Air pollution affects brain development and lung development. Use the Air Quality Health Initiative to check levels in your area. See your area at

January 2014

Opposition MPs say marijuana report lacks detail
Editorial: It is a shame when medical issues become politicized, but no matter how you look at this, marijuana has very significant potential negative effects. The CFPC has created a document on this that you can download from the CFPC website that lays out the concerns and pitfalls in using this treatment for chronic pain. Some highlights include that it should be used only after other therapies (including prescription cannabinoids) have been used without benefit, that use of this treatment requires assessment for misuse like any other chronic pain treatment, and for the Respiratory group particularly, the adverse health risk of a marijuana cigarette is equal to five regular cigarettes. Be careful with this treatment; while there is efficacy, there is abuse and harm potential also. – Dr. Alan Kaplan

Drug-resistant TB claiming numerous lives
Editorial: MDR or multidrug resistant TB is not yet a huge problem in Canada. We can help to prevent it being so by ensuring our patients complete their full therapy. Please involve your local Public Health agency to assist you in managing these patients and ensure that you follow up with them, even if their care is being co-ordinated by a specialist. - Dr. Alan Kaplan 

Nova Scotia to ban e-cigarettes
Editorial: E-cigarettes can help smokers quit, but that does not mean they should be treated differently than cigarettes. Legislation such as this is valued and should go even further; no selling to minors, no flavouring and no nicotine. – Dr. Alan Kaplan

Study: Vitamin D may help ease asthma
Editorial: Everyone in Canada likely needs Vitamin D at 1000 units daily at least. This is just one more reason to take supplemental Vitamin D! – Dr. Alan Kaplan

Mieux vaut fumer à l’extérieur pour ne pas exposer les enfants à la fumée secondaire
Editorial: This is obvious to family physicians. If parents insist on smoking they should not do it around their kids. We should encourage smoking cessation for all our patients and inform parents of the risks to their children as well as themselves. - Dr. Suzanne Levitz

Fumée secondaire équivalente à l’exposition à une grande pollution
Editorial: Nothing new here, but family physicians can use this data to encourage smoking cessation, at least indoors. – Dr. Suzanne Levitz

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