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The objective is to advocate for high quality care in respiratory health and to provide leadership in areas of respiratory education, policy development, best practice guidelines and research addressing the needs of family physicians in this special interest field. We aim to be the trusted voice for family physician perspectives in the prevention and management of patients with respiratory conditions in Canada.

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Peer-reviewed Respiratory Medicine Articles

Editorial content written by Dr. Suzanne Levitz, chair of the Respiratory Medicine SIFP Committee.

DISCLAIMER: Editorial comments posted to this web page are those of the Respiratory Medicine Program Committee members and do not necessarily reflect the position or policy of the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

In The News

It is interesting to know what is in the popular press, but that is the only value of these articles.
The first article, which is a retrospective study, is not very rigorously done as it relies on patient recall of smoking history.
The ibuprofen study is also a retrospective review and not rigorously done.
The carbon monoxide article is very good as it provides an excellent review of carbon monoxide poisoning.
The last article discusses a recent outbreak of whooping cough and reinforces the importance of vaccination.

Study warns that occasional smoking still increases the risk of respiratory disease, no safe level
Researchers working to find antidote to carbon monoxide poisoning
Immunotherapy works better for lung cancer patients than chemotherapy
Une cigarette quotidienne suffit pour raccourcir la longévité (French article)
L’ibuprofène aurait des effets préventifs contre le cancer du poumon lié au tabagisme (French article)
Montérégie : Nombreux signalements de coqueluche (French article)

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