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Stories in family medicine    Welcome! These are our stories about the meaning of being a family physician, and the contributions of family medicine and family physicians to the history of medicine, health care and life in Canada. Supported by AMS and the CFPC Research and Education Foundation.

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Return to Work

Hnatiuk, Melanie; 2009.  I had just experienced one of the most significant periods in my life, the birth of my second child. Part of me was sad to return back to work as I had so enjoyed the time with my children. My patients had...


    An Oliver Branch

    Levenstadt, Jeremy; 2010. Early in my first year of clerkship, I assisted in the delivery of a baby named Oliver. There was nothing particularly remarkable about...


      Between a Rock and a Soft Spot

      Wood, Teresa; 2010. The North is jam-packed with adventure, and more-than-its-fair- share of beautiful, sad and courageous stories. This one began as just another journey to a far corner of our country. There, the impact of...


        The power of listening - Audet [translation]

        Audet, Nicole; 2010. When I think back on the best moments of my career teaching family medicine, the name Élise immediately comes to mind.



        Paquin, Stéphanie; 2010. Quito, Équateur. La vieille radio noire grinche lorsqu’on tourne la roulette. La bachata langoureuse résonne comme dans une boite de conserve.


          De l’autre côté du rideau…

          Malherbe, Stéphanie; 2010. On dit que la médecine est un art plus qu’une science. Cela doit faire de nous les médecins, des artistes du mieux être la vie de nos patients, beau temps, mauvais temps.


            Marie, ma petite Marie

            Moreau, Anne; 2010. Il y a 25 ans, alors qu’à 27 ans je revenais au travail après mon premier accouchement, j’ai eu le privilege d’assurer le suivi à domicile de Marie, jeune femme de 19 ans en phase...



              Fairman-Wright, M; 2010. I should have been prepared, my receptionist had told me the day before that she was coming in but as always the day was busy, and I didn’t realize until I...



                Helm, Charles; 2010. Elliott was seven when I first met him. My wife, a volunteer athletics coach, had persuaded me to take an hour off work to run laps with the kids at...


                  The Hospital Rotation

                  Juery, Pierre; 2010. Here we go again, the first day of my yearly hospital rotation as a staffman, supervising the residents on the floor. I must admit I have mixed feelings: apprehension regarding my diminishing abilities as a...

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