Board Nominations

Expectations of Board Directors

Board Directors are expected to be prepared for and attend four Board meetings per year, actively participate on at least one Board Committee, and attend other CFPC activities, including the Annual Forum, the Chapter Symposium, Family Medicine Forum, and Annual Meeting of Members. Approximately 15 days per year will be spent at face-to-face meetings. Additionally, Board Directors are expected to be available for regular email discussions and teleconferences should the need arise. Email correspondence may, at times, be several times a week. Director-at-Large terms are three years and are renewable for an additional three years. All expenses (travel, accommodations, and meals) while participating in Board responsibilities are covered by the CFPC.

The participation of Directors in Board discussions and the expression of their opinions are highly valued. Respectful consideration of the opinions of others is necessary. Besides being part of the decision-making process, being a Board Director is a wonderful learning opportunity that enables you to develop a broad perspective on issues affecting family medicine and family physicians. Members of the CFPC’s Board of Directors are also members of the CFPC’s Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine.

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