Calvin L. Gutkin Family Medicine Ambassador Award

Dr Louise Nasmith, CCFP, Vancouver, BC, FMF 2016 Vancouver

Supported by the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine of the College of Family Physicians of Canada and by friends, family, and colleagues of Dr Gutkin.

This award is named in honour of Dr Cal Gutkin, Past Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) from 1996 to 2012. During his years at the CFPC, Dr Gutkin led and participated in numerous CFPC health care initiatives at the national and international levels. His work was instrumental in advancing family medicine in our country and supporting Canada’s leadership in family medicine development on the global stage. He developed valuable partnerships with sister organizations, governments, and health care working groups at all levels.  He was recognized for his, outstanding dedication, commitment, communication, tireless work ethic, and humour. Through Dr. Gutkin’s leadership, vision, and devotion to family medicine, Dr Gutkin made a significant contribution to the enhancement of family medicine in Canada.

The award recognizes a dynamic leader in Canadian family medicine distinguished for his or her vision, innovation, strong communication skills, and effective relationship-building with national and international organizations and working groups that support and positively influence the ever-changing role of the family physician and family medicine in Canada. 

Nomination & Selection Process

The CFPC Executive Committee will identify the recipient of this award. The nominee will be formally notified of results in July.

The award will be presented annually. If no suitable member is identified in a specific year, the award will not be offered that year.

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