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May 25, 2018

See mention of Dr. Ritika Goel, chair of CFPC Social Accountability Working Group, in Canadian Newswire

Global News

Stick to topical sunscreen, not pills, to protect skin from the sun 

Report provides suggestions for treating antibiotic-resistant UTIs

Ebola vaccine result of Winnipeg researchers’ “lucky mistake” 

CBC News

British Columbia health minister states concern about misleading homeopathy “cure” for autism 

CTV News

Scientists fine-tune capsule that may help find gut health problems once it’s swallowed 

More research data reinforces active lifestyles combating damaging effects of sedentary time 

The Telegram

Newfoundland and Labrador health minister works with physicians for the future of primary health care 

Canadian Newswire

Canadian Medical Association awards for 2018 announced, includes CFPC working group chair 

Amendment to federal tobacco act receives Royal Assent, includes new measures for vaping products 


Opinion: Review Canada’s health care history to learn valuable lessons from failures of the past 

Chronicle Herald

Commentary: Nova Scotia government needs to pick up the pace of improving health care for society’s vulnerable persons 

Le Devoir

Barrette : Les instruments médicaux jetables choisis après une analyse de rentabilité 

Le Journal de Montréal

Une entreprise en biotechnologie s’intéresse à l’impression en 3D d’organes vivants 


Réflexion sur le vieillissement de la population 

Ici Radio-Canada

Témoignage positif d’une femme atteinte du cancer des ovaires 

Allergies alimentaires : Un problème qui touche toute la famille 

Marijuana : L'âge du début de la consommation influence le risque de toxicomanie 

La Presse

Mythes à dissiper concernant la maladie cœliaque 

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