Social Accountability Working Group

About the SAWG

Social accountability refers to the obligation of family medicine to meet the priority health needs of Canada’s neighbourhoods, communities, regions, and provinces. It goes beyond the direct care family physicians provide to individual patients to working with policy-makers, academic institutions, and communities themselves to translate a vision of a socially accountable health system into evidence-based quality care. For care to be socially accountable, it must be equitably accessible to everyone and responsive to patient, community and population health needs.

As highlighted in Goal 6.0 of the 2013–2017 Strategic Plan, the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) strives to be socially accountable and to promote social equity in all CFPC decisions and actions. The purpose of the Social Accountability Working Group (SAWG) is to advise the CFPC on how it should be involved in social accountability initiatives and to explore the needs, opportunities, and barriers related to social accountability in family medicine and family practice.

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