ALARM – Advances in Labour and Risk Management

For several years, the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) and the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC) have been exploring the possibility of providing a unified training program to address the specific needs of Canadian professionals providing intrapartum care. We are pleased to announce that the CFPC and the SOGC have joined forces to offer the Advances in Labour and Risk Management (ALARM) program.

This collaborative venture marks a milestone not only for our organizations but also for our professions, our trainees, and the women and newborns receiving our care. We believe that by combining the strengths of our two specialties—while working alongside our peers in nursing and midwifery—we will foster the ALARM program’s continued growth and evolution, and create a springboard for the development of other valuable professional development opportunities.

ALARM was developed by family physicians, obstetricians, midwives and nurses, who jointly continue to maintain and teach the course. ALARM is grounded in best available Canadian evidence, making it highly applicable to an all-Canadian audience. ALARM is aligned with the Managing Obstetrical Risk More Efficiently Program (MOREOB), a course developed and taught interprofessionally and commonly required for Canadian intrapartum-care providers working within a hospital setting. The ALARM content is updated every year, an important feature of quality professional development programming, especially in the rapidly changing area of obstetric care.

The CFPC and the SOGC have determined that collaborating on a single, pan-Canadian training program will contribute not only to greater consistency in delivery of intrapartum care but also to improved standards of care and better outcomes, whenever and wherever intrapartum emergencies might occur.

The ALARM course objective is to evaluate, update and maintain the competence of specialists, family physicians, midwifes and nurses. Upon completion, participants understand how to improve the outcomes and process of intra-partum and immediate postpartum care.

This two-day course offers case-based plenary sessions, hands-on workshops and a comprehensive examination process. The content of the course is evidence based and incorporates the Canadian practice guidelines, so participants who complete the course gain an understanding of the latest best practices for providing care. If you wish more information please visit

Although the license agreement between the AAFP and CFPC for the ALSO program expired on June 30, 2014, we recognize that some members may want to continue their association with ALSO and provide courses to their residents and other learners. The CFPC is committed to the support of lifelong learning and will continue to accept credit submissions from members who take an ALSO course in the future. If you wish more information on ALSO courses, please contact Carla Cherry – ALSO Program Specialist, AAFP at

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