Board of Directors

2019-2020 CFPC Board of Directors

2019–2020 CFPC Board of Directors

2019–2020 CFPC Board of Directors. From left to right: Dr. Yan Yu (Director-at-Large), Dr. Alan Katz (Director-at-Large), Dr. Shirley Schipper (President), Dr. John Maxted (Director-at-Large), Dr. Carrie Bernard (Director-at-Large), Dr. Braden Bouchard (Secretary-Treasurer), Dr. Jean-Pierre Arseneau (Director-at-Large), Dr. Catherine Cervin (President-Elect), Dr. Marie Giroux (Director-at-Large), Dr. Christie Newton (Director-at-Large), Dr. Paul Sawchuk (Past President), Dr. Francine Lemire ( Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer; non-voting member)

Conflict of Interest

In accordance with CFPC policy, College Board Directors are required to disclose any actual or potential conflicts of interest. The CFPC policy regarding conflict of interest disclosure is available here. Conflict of interest statements for individual Board Directors are available upon request to Sarah Scott, Director, Governance and Strategic Planning at [email protected]. This information is offered as part of the CFPC’s ongoing commitment to quality governance and transparency.

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