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These reports and  policy papers have been published by the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC).  Can’t find a document? Some older documents are not listed online, but may be kept on file. Contact us.

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Joint policy statement on normal childbirth.

 In the past quarter century, maternity care has undergone significant changes; today the use of technology in birth has become the norm, which is noticeable in the rise in medical interventions in low-risk births. In 2005–2006, Canadian estimates for the total and primary Caesarean section rates were 26.3% and 18.6%, respectively.


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Maternity & Newborn Care,

Women’s Health

Joint Position Paper on Rural Maternity Care

This position paper provides new evidence and progressive recommendations focused on providing quality maternity care to women across Canada, no matter if they live in urban, rural or remote communities.


CFPC Policy Paper

Maternity & Newborn Care,

Rural Practice

Joint position paper on training for rural family practitioners in advanced maternity skills and Cesarean section.

For the approximately one third of Canadian women who spend their pregnancies in rural Canada, access can be a serious challenge. Most rural communities are too small and remote to sustain specialist obstetric and anesthetic services for operative birth. There is a need to sustain and restore the availability of advanced maternity care in rural Canada.


Education Document/Report

Maternity & Newborn Care,

Rural Practice,

Medical Education

Joint Position statement - The Role of Family Physicians and physicians with Added Competencies in Sport and Exercise Medicine in a Public Health Approach to Concussions

Initially brought to the public’s attention through media coverage of high profile professional athletes and dramatic complications in amateur athletes, concussion is recognised as a public health issue. This increased awareness of concussion has been associated with a sharp rise in medical consultations for sport-related brain injuries. The potential implications of a missed or poorly managed concussion makes proper identification and management essential.


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Sports Medicine

Joint statement on physical punishment of children and youth.

The Statement was developed by a national coalition of organizations facilitated by the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). Based on an extensive review of research, the Joint Statement provides an overview of the developmental outcomes associated with the use of physical punishment.


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Child & Adolescent Health Care

KYOTOplus. Joint letter to the Prime Minister of Canada.

KYOTOplus. In the interests of good health for all Canadians and people around the world, the CFPC endorses strong action in favour of Prime Minister Harper's stated goal of limiting global warming to below 2C.


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Medical Marijuana Position Statement

The CFPC addresses Health Canada’s Proposed Changes to Medical Marijuana Regulations.


CFPC Policy Paper

Drugs & Therapeutics

National guidelines: family medicine - emergency medicine residency programs.

The “National Guidelines: Family Medicine - Emergency Medicine Residency Programs” has been developed in order to provide all participants in the educational and accreditation process of family medicine - emergency medicine residency programs with a consistent and simple to use tool.


Education Document/Report

Emergency Medicine,

Medical Education

Need for an Institute of Primary Care Research within the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

Funding for formation of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) was confirmed in the federal budget of February 1999. The CIHR will be the major source of funds for health research in Canada and will be structured such that a limited number of "research institutes" will exist together.


Research Document/Report

Pan-Canadian physical activity strategy.

CAL is a national action group of more than 100 organizations committed to making sure that the environments where we live, learn, commute, work and play support regular physical activity. CAL is working to achieve this goal by advocating for public policies that support physical activity.


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Preventive Care

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