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In the October issue of Canadian Family Physician

This month’s cover is by fourth-year medical student Yipeng Ge. For Ge, our emotions are sometimes spectacular bursts of colour, happiness, and joy, and are other times gloomy, melancholy, and unwanted. Experiencing an array of feelings makes us full, content, and who we are. It is one of a pair of paintings he keeps to remind himself that he is always changing and growing and that emotions are like clouds in the sky that come and go. For some experiencing the darker emotions, however, the clouds don’t go. Physicians die by suicide at a higher rate than the general public, and suicide is the second leading cause of death among residents, yet there is a paucity of Canadian data on suicidal ideation in residency. A commentary and research in the October issue begin to explore this gap by examining suicidal ideation among residents at the University of British Columbia.

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