Short Answer Management Problems (SAMPs)

Short Answer Management Problems (SAMPs)


Beginning with the 2018 sitting of the examination, the SAMP component will be delivered on computers and will be held in Prometric testing sites in various locations in the greater Toronto area. Once the applications have been approved, candidates will be directed to a website where they will select the time and location for their testing appointment.

This segment of the examination is intended to measure a candidate's knowledge and problem solving skills in the context of a clinical situation. The Short Answer Management Problems (SAMPs) portion of the examination consists of two sessions, each three hours in length, and involves several clinical scenarios. Basic information regarding the presentation of the patient will be provided and a series of questions will follow from each scenario. When answering questions in this examination please read the question carefully and provide only the information that is requested. For the most part, each question will require a single word, short phrase or short list as a response. Where appropriate, the number of desired responses will be indicated for each question. No credit will be given for responses which exceed the number of requested responses.

In an effort to help candidates prepare for the Examination of Added Competence in Emergency Medicine, the Committee on Examinations has authorized the release of some SAMPs used on previous examinations. These questions are provided to help orient candidates to the format of this examination. Since the questions used here are from previous examinations, they may not reflect current clinical practice. Please bear this in mind as you work through the questions.

When working through the following problems please keep the following instructions in mind:

1. For each case, the setting in which you are practising will be described if relevant.

2. You can answer most questions in ten words or less.

3. You will be scored only on the number of answers required (e.g., if you are asked to provide three responses and put down five, only the first three will be scored).

4. Include dosages with any drugs mentioned in your answer only if asked.  

5. Give details about procedures only if directed to do so.

It is imperative that you follow the directions carefully so that you receive full credit for your responses. The examination is very clear about the manner in which candidates are expected to list or write their responses. Deviation from instructions can result in lower scores.

Sample answers have been provided. These answers are among the responses that would be acceptable to the committee. There may be other acceptable answers. The purpose of providing these sample answers is to demonstrate the correct manner in which to provide answers. Please use these cases to familiarize yourself with the examination format. If you have any questions or concerns about this component of the examination, please contact our office.

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