Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine Board

The Board of Directors governs the operations and activities of the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine of the College of Family Physicians of Canada. It sets policy and establishes direction through strategic planning and ensures financial solvency. It represents the FAFM and its mission to advancing excellence in education, research and innovation in family medicine through philanthropy.

REF Board 

Board Members

Dr. Catherine Cervin, Chair
Dr. Marie-Dominique Beaulieu, Vice-Chair
Dr. Jeanette Boyd, Honorary Secretary-Treasurer
Mr. Tom Berekoff, CFRE
Dr. Roch Bernier
Dr. Peter Newbery 

FAFM and CFPC Leadership

Dr. Guillaume Charbonneau, CFPC President
Dr. Francine Lemire, CFPC Executive Director and CEO (non-voting member)
Mrs Theresa Maguire-Garber, Executive Director, Corporate Services


Sarah Delaney, Director, Awards and Development
Sandeep Kumar, Director, Finance and Asset Management
Renu Dhir, Proposal Writer and Funding Coordinator
Siobhan Juniku, Program Coordinator, Marketing Lead 
Nancy Wallace, Honours and Awards Coordinator
Nikita Mistry, Administrative Coordinator

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