Governance Changes

In 2016 we introduced some exciting changes to the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine (FAFM), formerly known as the Research and Education Foundation (REF). On May 30, 2016, the REF Board of Directors approved of proceeding with governance restructuring, changing the Foundation’s name, and updating the Foundation’s mission and vision. Final approval of these changes took place on November 7, 2016, at the Annual Meeting of Members (AMM) in Vancouver, BC.

FAFM Governance Changes

It was proposed that the FAFM move to a smaller, skills-based Board to provide greater flexibility and enhanced interactivity and engagement with College members, Chapters, and donors. Moving forward the Board will be composed of a minimum of seven directors with a defined mix of skills and competencies to ensure we are governed by a body that remains responsive, credible, and accountable to members.

The new FAFM Board structure is based on an extensive review of best practices, experiences, and evidence gleaned from non-profit boards, discussions and consultations, member support provided at the 2015 Annual Meeting of Members, and the FAFM leadership. The effectiveness of the new FAFM Board will be evaluated on an ongoing basis. 

Update to the FAFM's name, mission, and vision

Toward the end of 2016 the FAFM underwent updates to its name, mission, and vision. These high-level changes were implemented to better reflect the Foundation’s purpose and role in supporting family medicine through philanthropy, and to raise that profile in all related communications and fundraising initiatives. The major “refresh” was considered strategic and appropriate as a means of repositioning the FAFM and enhancing its growth and success in the years ahead.

All proposed changes were approved at the AMM in November 2016.

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