Mainpro+ FAQs

I have noticed that the Mainpro+ user agreement refers to the laws of Pennsylvania. Is there a conflict between the laws of Pennsylvania and the College’s Privacy Policy?
I participated in an activity where the credits were automatically entered into my Mainpro+ account (Direct Credit Entry). Why don’t I see my credits in my cycle totals?
What is the Impact Assessment Questionnaire? Do I need to complete it for every activity I enter?
Do I need to keep my certificate of completion or proof of participation?
How do I access a report of all my previous Mainpro-M1, Mainpro-M2, and Mainpro-MC activities?
What can I do to prepare for Mainpro+®?
How will my cycle start and end dates be converted?
What types of activities are in the Assessment category?
I am a resident. Do I need to use Mainpro+?
My practice is unique. How can I claim credits for all the different activities I do?
I have heard that industry-sponsored events are no longer eligible for credits in Mainpro+. Is this true?
How do Mainpro-M1, Mainpro-M2, and Mainpro-C credits fit into Mainpro+?
How do I “convert” my credits for Mainpro+?
What happens if I do not complete my cycle requirements by the end of my 5-year cycle?
How is information shared with provincial licensing bodies?
What happens during a two-year remedial cycle?