Global Health Committee

The Global Health Committee’s purpose is to promote global health in the context of family practice and to support and encourage the international health activities of members in the domain of clinical care, research, and education in family medicine. The committee’s responsibilities include increasing an awareness of the role of family medicine in the global health arena, establish and foster international links to support and promote the growth of family medicine, and act as a resource to the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) in building on existing relationships with international organizations. 

The following links have either been published by the committee or deemed relevant to those with an interest in Global Health.

Global Health Activities in Family Medicine Repository
The repository contains both current and past projects conducted by Canadians, providing a starting point for those who wish to know more about what is being done by Canadian family physicians in the area of global health.

Best Advice Guide: Communities of Practice in the Patient’s Medical Home

Building Capacity in Family Medicine in Low and Middle Income Countries

Recent references on Global Health (updated monthly)

Refugee Health Care: Resources to Assist Family Physicians

OUTBREAKHELP: Everything you need to know to stay informed about Ebola prevention, management and control.

Canadian Family Physician (CFP)

“Treating HIV in Africa: Case report from rural Congo”  Canadian Family Physician, May 2010. 

“International development and humanitarian aid:  In times of economic crisis, should Canada maintain its spending?”  Canadian Family Physician, June 2009

“Family Physicians Caring for Recent Immigrants.” Canadian Family Physician, May 2009

"International Health and Canadian Family Practice - Relevant to me, is it?” Canadian Family Physician, April 2007 

“Degrees of engagement – Family physicians and global health” Canadian Family Physician, November 2007 (PDF)

“Misinterpretation: Language proficiency, recent immigrants, and global health disparities” Canadian Family Physician, November 2007 

The Lancet

“Countdown to 2015 for maternal, newborn, and child survival: the 2008 report on tracking coverage of interventions Issue” The Lancet, Volume 371, April 12, 2008 

“Towards a common definition of global health” The Lancet June 2008  

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