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Choosing Wisely and Prevention Through Primary Care

Our multimedia-friendly toolkit equips health care providers with user-friendly videos, printable posters for their clinics, and printable infographics designed to facilitate informed discussions and give patients resources they can take home.


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Periodic Health Examination

    Greig Health Record

    The Greig Health Record is an evidence-based health promotion guide for clinicians caring for children and adolescents aged six to seventeen (6-17) years. It is meant to provide a template for periodic health visits that is easy to use and is easily adaptable for electronic medical records. Checklist templates include sections for weight, height and body mass index; psychosocial history and development; nutrition; education and advice; specific concerns; examination; ang assessment, immunization, and medications.


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    Periodic health examination.

    This guide to periodic health examination may include links to important websites, articles, reports and other resources. For more detailed information, please ask us.  


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    Periodic Health Examination

      Preventive Care Checklist Forms.

      The Preventive Care Checklist Form© was most recently updated in 2015. © The forms have been updated with current recommendations to enable family physicians to provide comprehensive, evidence-based care to patients during period health examinations. The forms were re-endorsed through a peer-review process by the College of Family Physicians of Canada.  


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      Periodic Health Examination,

      Preventive Care

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