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CPS Position Statement: Skiing and Snowboarding Injury Prevention

Skiing and snowboarding are popular recreational and competitive sport activities for children and youth. Injuries associated with both activities are frequent and can be serious. Physicians should have the information required to counsel children, youth and families regarding safer snow sport participation, including helmet use, wearing wrist guards for snowboarding, training and supervision, the importance of proper equipment fitting and binding adjustment, sun safety and avoiding substance use while on the slopes.  


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Sports Medicine

Joint Position statement - The Role of Family Physicians and physicians with Added Competencies in Sport and Exercise Medicine in a Public Health Approach to Concussions

Initially brought to the public’s attention through media coverage of high profile professional athletes and dramatic complications in amateur athletes, concussion is recognised as a public health issue. This increased awareness of concussion has been associated with a sharp rise in medical consultations for sport-related brain injuries. The potential implications of a missed or poorly managed concussion makes proper identification and management essential.


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Sports Medicine

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