Requirements for Residency Eligibility

Part-time or Shared Residency Training

Residents in family medicine would normally complete 24 consecutive months of training. There may be residents who will require their training schedule to be modified, interrupted or extended in order to accommodate illness, disability or other unforeseen circumstance. The postgraduate dean, on recommendation of the postgraduate director of the Department of Family Medicine, may grant modifications to training schedules under the following conditions:

  1. That any part-time commitment be equal to 50 percent or more of that of a full-time resident.
  2. That the overall length of the training program not exceed four years from the date the program commenced*.

In the event that an interruption in training or a circumstance requires a resident’s schedule to extend beyond the limits outlined above, that resident must have his or her modified training schedule reviewed by the CFPC Board of Examiners to determine their eligibility for certification. It is the responsibility of the postgraduate director of the program in question to initiate this review on behalf of the resident. The CFPC Board of Examiners will review, on a case-by-case basis, the maximum number of years allowable to complete the family medicine residency training program.

*The above guidelines will apply to family medicine residents registered in enhanced skills programs of one year or less in duration, provided that the overall length of the training program does not exceed double the normal duration of training. 

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