Member Interest Groups Section (MIGS)


Addiction Medicine 
Family Practice Anesthesia
Cancer Care
Child and Adolescent Health
Chronic Pain
Developmental Disabilities 
Emergency Medicine
Enhanced Skills Surgery
Global Health

Health Care of the Elderly
Hospital Medicine
Maternity and Newborn Care
Mental Health 
Occupational Medicine
Palliative Care
Prison Health
Respiratory Medicine
Sport and Exercise Medicine 

Each program in the Member Interest Groups Section (MIGS) will have a community that will focus on the following areas:

  • Assist with the development of evidence-informed CFPC policies related to the needs and/or environment of family physicians practising in this domain
  • Consult on policies and positions related to patient care in family medicine
Member engagement
  • Maintain ongoing and timely communications with members who are interested in the same clinical/practice area
  • Explore opportunities to engage members in College work as it relates to the area of interest
  • Examine opportunities for networking among members with the same areas of interest
  • Advocate for physicians in the domain of practice in the CFPC as it relates to their areas of practice and within the scope of the CFPC
  • Support health advocacy initiatives within the area of interest
Education and scholarship
  • Provide advice on educational standards and learning objectives in undergraduate and postgraduate education pertaining to the relevant clinical domain
  • Assist with research projects as they relate to the area of interest
Continuing professional development
  • Assist with the development and dissemination of continuing professional development programs related to the given area of special interest, both for those with a special interest and those with a general clinical focus
  • Participate annually in Family Medicine Forum
Practice support
  • Develop practice supports to assist family physicians in providing care to patients with conditions relevant to the clinical domain

The program communities hope to get input and feedback through ongoing communication with the members who indicate they are interested in being aligned with them. In addition to electronic interaction, opportunities will be available for program participants to meet with colleagues who share the same practice interests at the College’s annual Family Medicine Forum.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

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