How Mainpro+® Works

When you join the CFPC as a member, complete the Certification in Family Medicine Examination, or register as a Non-Member Mainpro+ Participant, you will be assigned a five-year Mainpro+ cycle. During each Mainpro+ cycle, you must complete and report a minimum of 250 Mainpro+ credits to maintain your CFPC membership and any CFPC designations you hold. The exact distribution of credits is dependent upon membership type and designations held (see below).

CFPC Mainpro+ Credit

To fulfill your Mainpro+
requirements, you must
submit a minimum of 250
credits in each five-year cycle

CertifiedAt least 125 of the 250 credits must be Mainpro+ certified credits in any category (Group Learning, Self-Learning, Assessment)
Non-CertifiedUp to 125 of the 250 credits may be non-certified credits in any category (Group Learning, Self-Learning, Assessment).

*All Mainpro+ participants, including Non-Member Mainpro+ Participants, will be required to earn and report a minimum of 25 credits per year during their five-year cycle. The annual minimum may be comprised of any combination of certified and/or non-certified credits in the Group Learning, Self-Learning, and Assessment categories; a minimum of 250 credits are required within the five-year cycle.

All full- and part-time practising members are required to participate in Mainpro+. The classes of membership to which this requirement applies are:  

*Affiliate, Sustaining, members: get more information on Mainpro+ requirements.

The following classes of membership are exempt from Mainpro+ participation:

  • Honorary
  • Non-Physician
  • Resident
  • Student
  • Retired
  • Associate
  • Public


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