NPS and Linking Learning to Practice

National Physician Survey

Since 2004 the CFPC has partnered with the Canadian Medical Association and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada to conduct the National Physician Survey (NPS). It is a respected Canadian source of reliable information about the medical profession and health care issues. Survey data is used by current and future physicians and a variety of health care professionals, advocates, analysts, governments, and researchers. 

Complete the NPS and Linking Learning to Practice exercise can earn you Mainpro Credits!

CFPC members are encouraged to participate in the NPS. In addition to providing your valuable input, you are eligible to earn two Mainpro Cand two Mainpro M1 credits by completing the survey and a Linking to Learning in Practice exercise. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Complete the NPS.
  2. Log in to the Members Area of the CFPC website (
  3. Click on ‘My Account’ in the left-hand menu.
  4. Select ‘Add a CPD Activity to My Record’.
  5. Under ‘All Activities’, click on Linking Learning to Practice.
  6. Complete the form (see notes below).
  7. Submit the form online.

Linking Learning to Practice

Linking Learning to Practice was designed as a general reflection exercise. It is a self-administered exercise that is intended to challenge you to look at day-to-day activities as learning opportunities. The form helps you to identify a question, and then guides you through a series of critical inquiry and practice reflection exercises to answer the question.

You can create your own question by using the Linking Learning to Practice exercise form reflecting on the process of completing the NPS. Click here for an example.

Please note: The NPS does not issue certificates for completing the survey and certificates are NOT required for this exercise.


Please visit the NPS website for further information about the NPS and specific timelines for each survey.

Questions specifically about your Mainpro credits may be sent to: [email protected].

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