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july 18, 2019

The Globe and Mail

Mifegymiso, a safer and affordable type of abortion for women who can access it

The outbreak of syphilis in Alberta is a sign of what’s to come across Canada

Global News

WHO recognizes “burnout” as an occupational phenomenon

Concerns raised in Canada as Australia sees a rise in death cases caused by influenza

New research finds that more American teenagers are dieting to lose weight

Indigenous Services Minister called to address Attawapiskat First Nation's concerns 

Hospital bedsores are a growing concern in Canada


A conservative leader promises another review of Canada’s new Food Guide 

WHO declares Congo’s Ebola outbreak an international public health emergency

Federal government pledges $76.2 million to fight the opioid crises 


One in six people with broken heart syndrome found with cancer

The rates of overdose deaths in the U.S. declined in nearly three decades

Scientists discover a new way to eliminate disease-carrying mosquitoes

National Post

Investigation on the history of the tick-borne illness, Lyme disease

Vancouver Sun

Opinion: International student's suicide rate is not often spoken about

A report shows over five hundred British Columbians committed suicide in 2017

The Star Phoenix

Researchers find that many teenage girls experience reproductive coercion

A Saskatoon company explores using virtual reality technology to assist patients with dementia

La Presse

L’industrie pharmaceutique a inondé les États-Unis d’opioïdes

Association possible entre le Parkinson et une infection intestinale

Le Devoir

Rappel d’user de prudence dans les baignades en prévention des noyades

L’épidémie d’Ébola officiellement déclarée une urgence sanitaire planétaire

Réserves de vaccins en Ontario en prévision de la prochaine saison grippale

Le Journal de Montréal

Sainte-Justine spécialisée en correction des «becs-de-lièvre»

Épuisement professionnel : Des infirmières remettent la maternité à plus tard

Ici Radio-Canada

Proposition de mise à l’essai d’une interface entre le cerveau humain et des ordinateurs

Découverte de cellules pouvant servir à une immunothérapie pour traiter les cardiopathies

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