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Assessing Competence in family medicine

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Theme: The physician demonstrates respect for colleagues and team members.

Select up to  behaviours to include in one field note.

✓  Does not undermine and avoids making negative comments about other providers, especially those who may have seen patients in different settings or contexts

✓  When consulted or asked for help, listens to concerns and tries to respond positively and to be available (“How can I help?” vs. “I don’t need to see this patient”)

✓  When needing to talk to someone unexpectedly, waits and picks the right moment; does not interrupt unduly

✓  Thinks and speaks about colleagues in a positive manner; respects their time as if it were his or her own

✓  Arrives on time

✓  Pays attention when others are speaking

✓  Lets others speak/continue; hears them out and stays respectful even if he or she may not agree with topics or points of view

✗  Provides inappropriate feedback in an insensitive manner (non-specific, wrong place, wrong time)

✗  Leaves early, picks the easy tasks, leaves tasks unfinished, etc., such that others have more work

✗  Discusses contentious issues in public, or gossips

✗  Avoids the discussion of contentious issues that are having or may have a major impact on team dynamics and outcomes

✗  Argues with other team members

✗  Does not make personal adjustments in spite of repeated messages from others about performance in the workplace

✗  A male trainee does not accept feedback from a female colleague or faculty

✗  Does other things (i.e., does not pay attention) while a colleague is speaking (e.g., text messages, reads paper, does charts)

Other behaviour not listed

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The physician demonstrates respect for colleagues and team members.

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