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The Besrour Centre, along with the Besrour-CFPC-LogoCollege of Family Physicians of Canada, is dedicated to advancing family medicine and primary care to establish better health for all.

The Besrour Centre is working with global partners to establish and advance family medicine in low- and middle-income countries. This project, initiated with the generous support of Dr Sadok Besrour, was developed with departments of family medicine in Canada and worldwide.

Global Family Medicine

Health is a necessary step for learning, innovation, productivity, effective parenting, peace, and progress and development. Despite improvements in a number of health indicators over the past decades, many people around the world are still burdened by ill health and poor access to adequate health services. As the global community sets out to meet the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations in September 2015, addressing the health needs of the world’s population will necessitate moving beyond focusing attention on single diseases and narrow populations to strengthening health systems and building on proven and effective strategies. Health systems that are anchored in robust primary care, including family medicine, have been linked to better health outcomes, improved cost-efficiency, and enhanced health equity.

Family medicine, meaning highly competent, purposefully trained, comprehensive, person-centered, and community-responsive generalist medicine, merits serious consideration as a central element of any plan to achieve universal health coverage.

In an effort to address persistent health inequities and the rise of complex chronic conditions, a number of low- and middle income countries have committed to establishing and/or strengthening the discipline of family medicine and have developed partnerships with Canadian departments of family medicine and the College of Family Physicians of Canada for assistance, guidance, and support.

The Besrour Centre will give the College of Family Physicians of Canada and Canadian departments of family medicine an opportunity to share their knowledge and help strengthen global health systems. In turn, Canadian medical communities will increase their knowledge and build on our globally recognized reputation as a leader in the delivery of quality health care.


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