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Spring 2016

Advance Care Planning

The College of Family Physicians of Canada’s Palliative Care Community and Advance Care Planning in Canada have created an infographic aimed at increasing awareness among family physicians about advance care planning (ACP). This tool is also intended to help start conversations about ACP between care teams and patients.

We encourage you to use this tool and pass it on through your networks. Thank you for your support on this very important initiative.

An ACP is simply a plan you make in advance, for your care at the end of your life.

Advance care planning gives you time to consider and reflect on the kind of health and medical care you would consent to, or refuse, in a crisis. The best time to make an ACP is when you are younger and your health is still good.

This video was developed by Speak Up, and is being supported by the following collaborative, which aims to increase awareness among family physicians about advanced care planning. 

cspcp pallium-canadaspeakup cfpc 

For more resources on advance care planning (posters, videos, workbook etc)  please visit the Speak Up! Advance Care Planning Campaign website


Article from The New York Times: We're bad at death. Can we talk?

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November 2017
Letter to CMAJ from the Canadian Society of Palliative Care Physicians:
APPEAL TO PHYSICIANS - OPIOIDS HAVE THEIR PLACE – Let’s avoid an unintended tragedy!

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CFPC Statement on issues related to end-of-life-care.

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