Preparing for the Examination

The Examination of Added Competence in Emergency Medicine is comprised of two components: a written examination and an oral examination. The content to be assessed in this examination is drawn from the Priority Topics in Emergency Medicine and the CAEP Ultrasound guidelines.

To help you prepare for the written examination, the committee on examinations has authorized the release of some  sample short answer management problems (SAMPs) that were used on previous examinations. These questions are provided to help orient you to the format of the written examination. Since these SAMPs are from previous examinations, they may not reflect current clinical practice. Please bear this in mind as you work through the questions. 

To help you prepare for the oral examination, the committee on examinations has provided detailed instructions about what to expect and how to proceed during a structured oral examination. 

The Canadian Library of Family Medicine (CLFM) has compiled a list of resources including conference, books, journals and Internet sites that will be useful in keeping up-to-date with developments in Emergency Medicine and in creating a home study plan that fits your schedule. 

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