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This clinical tool offers specific resources to help health care providers screen for and respond to poverty concerns in patient encounters, particularly when caring for underserved, vulnerable, and marginalized populations.

Social determinants of health, such as poverty, play a major role in patients’ health outcomes. The CFPC and the Centre for Effective Practice (CEP) have joined forces to expand and disseminate an Ontario poverty tool, which the CEP developed with clinical leadership from Dr Gary Bloch, to raise awareness among family physicians and other health professionals of how poverty affects their patients. The Poverty tool is:

  • Individualized for each participating province and territory, through the incorporation of local resources and supports 
  • Designed for quick and intuitive use in your day-to-day practice 
  • Endorsed by the CFPC and its provincial Chapters

For the Québec tool, please contact the College des Médecins de Famille du Québec. For the Ontario tool, please visit the Ontario College of Family Physicians.

These tools are also available on the CEP website at www.thewellhealth.ca/poverty along with other tools and resources developed by the CEP.

For more information about this project, please contact us at [email protected]

NEW! Improving Care for Patients Experiencing Poverty
Live Chat with Dr. Gary Bloch (Recorded September 25, 2017)
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Please find below a link to each provincial and territorial tool:

Poverty_tool_Img_129x169 British Columbia              Poverty_tool_Img_129x169Nova Scotia
Poverty_tool_Img_129x169Alberta Poverty_tool_Img_129x169Newfoundland
Poverty_tool_Img_129x169Saskatchewan Poverty_tool_Img_129x169Prince Edward Island
Poverty_tool_Img_129x169Manitoba Poverty_tool_Img_129x169Northwest Territories
Poverty_tool_Img_129x169Ontario Poverty_tool_Img_129x169Yukon

New Brunswick
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