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Each year, FMIG Executives from across Canada participate in a national forum where they discuss their activities and how they can improve the promotion of family medicine. These meetings are an opportunity for executives to share their successes, challenges, and the activities that they have conducted throughout the year. The following documents provide an inside look at the activities that each group has engaged in over the past few years:

2011 Report 
2010 Report 
2009 Report
2008 Report

FMIG Toolkit

The purpose of this toolkit is to provide assistance to each Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) across Canada in planning their yearly events and in addressing common problems. The tips and templates contained herein have been successfully implemented and are provided for your assistance. The information provided here is merely a guide of things that have worked for FMIGs across Canada, and the success of these suggestions may have been specific to that particular area of Canada.  Therefore, you should weigh your requirements and the details of your events according to your university’s needs and that of your community.

Download the FMIG Toolkit.

Research Papers and Articles on Family Medicine Promotion

Articles sorted by date.


Determinants of Choosing a Career in Family Medicine
Ian Scott, Margot Gowans, Bruce Wright, Fraser Brenneis, Sandra Banner, Jim Boone
CMAJ: Canadian Medical Association Journal – January 11 2011


The impact of interest: How do family medicine interest groups influence medical students?
Jonathan R. Kerr MD,  M. Bianca Seaton MSc
Canadian Family Physician – January 2008


Why would I choose a Career in Family Medicine?  Reflections of Medical Students at 3 Universities
Ian Scott MD CCFP, Bruce Wright MD CCFP, Fraser Brenneis MD CCFP
Canadian Family Physician – November 2007

Adding Evidence:  The Value of Researching Family Medicine Interest Groups
Gabriel Rebick, Anne Kittler
Canadian Family Physician – June 2007

Marketing Family Medicine
Noah Michael Ivers MD, Ramzy Abdel-Galil MPA MD
Canadian Family Physician - May 2007

Family Medicine as a Career Option
Cheri Bethune MD MCLSC CCPC, Penelope Hansen PHD, Diana Deacon MADED MSC, Katrina Hurley MD, Allison Kirby MSC, Marshall Godwin MD MSC CCFP
Canadian Family Physician - May 2007

Cultivating Interest in Family Medicine: Family Medicine Interest Group Reaches Undergraduate Medical Students
Nora D. McKee RN MD CCFP, Meredith M. McKague MSC MD CCFP, Vivian R. Ramsden RN PHD, Raenelle E. Poole
Canadian Family Physician - April 2007

Rediscovering Family Medicine:  College to Create Section of Medical Students
Canadian Family Physician - February 2007


One Year Later: Starting a Family Medicine Student Interest Group
Eric Cadesky, MD CM
Canadian Family Physician - June 2005

FMIG Websites and contacts

Première ligne: Le revue web des GIMF - Online newsletter produced by the FMIGs in Quebec

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