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The Red Book (Table of contents

General A Standards

General B Standards

The Four Principles of Family Medicine  

CanMEDS-Family Medicine 2017 

CanMEDS-FM page

Triple C webpage

The Evaluation Objectives

An Approach to Maternity Care Education for Canadian Family Medicine Residents - A Discussion Paper of the Maternity and Newborn Care Committee

Family Medicine Bioethics Curriculum - This resource material is intended to facilitate ethics education in family medicine training programs. It may be used by teachers or learners; in small group discussions or in formal teaching sessions; in whole or in part.

A Survivor's Guide to the Accreditation Cycle - by Allyn Walsh, MD, CCFP, FCFP, Department of Family Medicine, McMaster University

Accreditation and the Issue of Intimidation and Harassment in Postgraduate Medical Education
Guidelines For Surveyors And Programs

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